riarumi is a voice that aims to help empower young women in Japan. One that celebrates the true, “riaru” beauty of every unique individual.

Whilst the situation is gradually improving, Japan still remains a relatively patriarchal society. Women, whilst being at least equally as capable as their male counterparts, are still sadly and unjustly often considered subservient to men in many aspects of Japanese life. Here at riarumi, the importance and necessity of true gender equality is our core belief and our reason to be. We aim to provide a resource that helps to inspire women to realise that their potential to achieve in this world is limited by nothing but their own self-belief. And what’s more, their strength, passion, ability and potential to excel are, at a minimum, equal to those of any man.

riarumi features exclusive interviews and stories on inspirational women who have achieved amazing things in their careers; women who are now living fulfilled lives as a result of combining their individual strengths and passions with hard work and self-belief. We want to inspire our readers with stories of the amazing and limitless successes that all women are capable of, when they strive to excel at being their truest, heartfelt selves.

riarumi is also unique in offering interviews and stories on young women who are striving to achieve their dreams right now. Women who have a drive and a passion to prove to themselves – and remind their peers – what all of us are really capable of.

In addition, riarumi features editorial content and stories from around the world on issues such as women empowerment, and the role and responsibility of men in promoting gender equality.

”Only as women are welcomed into full partnership in all fields of human endeavour will the moral and psychological climate be created in which international peace can emerge.” While we wait for this inevitable milestone to be fully realised, riarumi is here to help provide the stories of strength, encouragement and inspiration that all women deserve to hear and believe in.


riarumi was founded in 2014 by Sam, a UK citizen who moved to Japan in 2011, after a couple of years of post-graduate study in Australia. After three years in this wonderful, beautiful, unique country, Sam is now on a mission to help sweep away the lingering inequality of men and women in Japan and help put an end to the legacy of the past that still suggests that a woman “walks one step behind a man”. With riarumi, Sam is committed to work with the women – and men – of Japan, until both walk alongside each other.